what is spiritual healing

What is spiritual healing?

The term spiritual healing has become more and more mainstream in the last few years throughout social media, Instagram and TikTok, but what is spiritual healing? What does this term mean?

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is often an experience or byproduct of a spiritual awakening. For many individuals, the process of spiritual healing is an important component of their spiritual awakening journey. 

As you embark on your personal spiritual journey, you may start to question ‘what is spiritual healing.’ When experiencing a spiritual awakening, we begin to identify wounds that we may carry from our childhood, generational trauma or past relationships. Through our life experiences, there are times where we fail to heal these wounds. Becoming aware of these emotional and spiritual wounds, then pushes us to want to heal these wounds and question what is spiritual healing for you as an individual.

Spiritual healing is unique to you and your spiritual journey. Part of spiritual healing is learning how to alchemize energy and wounds – we learn to transform negative energy or emotional pain into positive energy such as love, hope or happiness. Spiritual healing can allow us to grow and progress.

Some people who identify as old souls or empaths, who are more receptive or sensitive to their own energy and the energy of others, are more drawn to experiences or participating in spiritual healing. 

Once we experience spiritual healing, it often becomes a regular part of our daily lives and our spiritual awakening journey. Some who experience spiritual healing often become healers and teach others how to heal themselves through various types of spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing Meaning

At a high level, the meaning of spiritual healing is the transcendental experience or intentional practice of restoring, harmonizing and balancing your soul or spirit. Some believe it is the process or journey of returning to the most authentic version of ourselves.

Spiritual healing is not associated specifically with just one religion or any religion at all, although there is spiritual healing involved in many religious practices. However, spiritual healing can still be practiced even by individuals who do not identify as religious. 

However, it is believed that spiritual healing involves connecting to Divine energy. Divine Energy can look different for everyone based on their personal journey or experiences. Spiritual healing can help you in healing your mind, body and spirit. 

Spiritual healing occurs when we begin to consciously and intentionally reconnect with our most essential, truest being who is loving, creative, wise and powerful.

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