Ego Death Symptoms & Signs of Ego Death

ego death symptoms

If the ego death is a topic that catches your attention and you find yourself diving into blogs on the subject, you may be on the verge of a spiritual journey and perhaps, this article is going to be of great help on your path.

What does Ego Death feel like?

If you are wondering whether you may be going through a phase of Ego Death, we have developed a list of Ego Death Symptoms for your consideration.

Imagine yourself in the office working on some documents, you are not very comfortable with the results of your efforts and life does not seem to conquer your expectations, suddenly, you start to feel strong dizziness and you don’t know why you are struck by this deep sense of sickness; this is the first symptom of an Ego Death Experience.

If you research Ego Death on the web you will find that many of these cases occur during a psychedelic experience buy you don’t just have to be in a moment of an altered state of consciousness. The Death of the Ego is quite a “journey” into the depths of the human psyche and soul, the triggering of symptoms can begin very late after a psychedelic intake.

To relate an Ego Death Experience, we have compiled a list of important events during this phase for you.

Symptoms of Ego Death


A feeling of detachment from reality and your body. This sensation is characterized by a feeling of abstract numbness between you, your body, and your environment.

Sudden Changes in Perception

You may be watching TV, reading a book, or doing some kind of activity where your body is relaxed and your mind is focused on something, and a strange visual sensation appears where your eyes focus quickly on an object; as if you were looking through the lens of a camera.

This can come and go in a fraction of time and is a good opportunity to ask yourself if something out of the ordinary is happening to you.

Pain in the Body

Pay attention to your body as well as your inner body. During an Ego Death experience, you may feel appearances of pain in some of your extremities that may last only a second or you may cramp very often.

Ego Death relates to the inner body in the sense that during an Ego Death Experience you are living in the Astral Plane with or without realizing it, by doing a meditation practice you can feel your “real” body and consciousness being in a state of deep sleep; this is what we call the Inner Body.


Oneness is an experience that is a fundamental part of Lucid Dreaming. When we lucid dream on the Astral Plane, the environment where we have the experience is the real world without the outer layers of reality, in this plane the laws of Quantum Physics are operative and available to us without veils.

Lucid dreaming is entering reality without layers of abstraction, the theory of observation is strongly presented here and every thought you have, manifests similarly in the environment; we are not talking about a world where you will be able to fly, but if you are walking down the street and your feet hurt, you can find a person around the corner walking with a cane.

Alternate Realities

Once you are deep into the Ego Death Experience and you have already developed a technique of self-balancing and conscious empowerment, you can enter into different kinds of dimensions.

There is an opportunity to ascend to higher planes and meet divine realities but after each higher journey, you will fall into low-frequency dimensions, as this is the price of ascension. It is up to you and you should not stop if you want to discover other realms, just keep in mind that every action has its reaction.

Déjà Vu

During an Ego Death Experience, there is an increased amount of energy flow in the cerebral cortex, the brain is functioning at a higher speed than usual and there is a large amount of information being processed.

On a spiritual level, cosmological connections occur that transcend the boundaries of time and space; the experience of Déjà Vu is common during an Ego Death Experience, as in the 4th dimension time and space overlap.


Synchronicity patterns in the clock are one of the most common singularities that occur during an Ego Death phase, if you are interested in numerology, this is a good opportunity to discover more about yourself and what are the guardian numbers that guide you on your path.

It is also an opportunity to discover what your innate gifts are and how you can make the best of your experience by discovering your life mission.


There are two types of symptoms for an Ego Death Experience, those felt during the opening of the experience which are mild but strange, and the strong and radical symptoms which are very different from what you experience in ordinary life but easier to digest as they occur during advanced stages in the experience.

For educational purposes, we have put together a list of spiritual growth quotes to give you a good foundation on spiritual healing; we never know when a little phrase can change our lives forever.

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